SAHDI project

Sustainable and Healthy Diets in India (SAHDI)

Project lead: Alan Dangour (LSHTM)

The food system is a major contributor to global greenhouse-gas emissions. This project will forge an interdisciplinary team to collate and analyse existing data on agriculture, diet, food-related greenhouse gas emissions, water footprints and health in India, in order to define healthy, low-carbon, climate-change resilient and context-relevant diets. It will provide a suite of agricultural and dietary options to guide national policy decisions, and make linked datasets available to the wider research community.

This project will enhance the field by providing a method to determine the overall suitability of particular foods and dietary patterns, taking into account nutritional content, acceptability, health outcomes, greenhouse gas emissions, water footprint and climate-change resilience.

The project will provide dietary solutions for specific socio-demographic sectors of the Indian population, and for different geographical regions, increasing the direct policy relevance of the work.

Finally, this work will make a linked dataset available to the wider research community to significantly strengthen research into healthy and sustainable diets in poor countries.

Work in progress

Protocol for systematic review of dietary patterns in India
Protocol for systematic review of environmental impacts of sustainable diets

Project team

Alan Dangour
Andy Haines
Rosie Green
James Milner
Edward Joy

University of Aberdeen
Pete Smith
Jennie Macdiarmid
Dali Nayak
Sylvia Vetter

Public Health Foundation of India
Sutapa Agrawal

University College Cork
Darren Dahly


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